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อ อ ก แ บ บ เ พื่ อ ส ร้ า ง ส ร ร ค์ สั ง ค ม

Re-designing Books in the Changing World

Project name: Business Book Re-design Project partner: FPM Consultant Design by: SolidSprout

This is another project SolidSprout has worked with FPM Consultant, a company providing consultations in business, finance, and legislation. We re-designed tens of books which has been countless published for years. After the information in the books were edited to get along with the updates, the appearances of the books were suggested to be re-designed as well.

The distribution channel was also moved to online platform. The books become available in E-book formats, available to be downloaded from anywhere. The hard copies of the books can also be delivered worldwide.

The changes in the publishing business this way may help solve the environmental issues, while everyone can participate from their homes.

SolidSprout Design for Social Impacts


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