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อ อ ก แ บ บ เ พื่ อ ส ร้ า ง ส ร ร ค์ สั ง ค ม

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Social-Design Connect

One request, One Connection, Lots of Sharing

With the power of giving and sharing, let's embrace new opportunities and turn all the wishes to reality. Together we can create better societies by connecting the 'People of Social Service*' with 'Volunteer Designers'.

SolidSprout connects anyone's vision with the right skills. With our initial guidance, the volunteer designers will provide pro-bono** design services or help develop the design works in accordance to drive social service works/projects in a reasonable price, or for FREE; while the people of social service will give credits to the designers and provide networks for the designers in the future.


* 'People of Social Service' may include (but not limited to) local communities, local citizens, NGOs, social service providers, community service providers, social enterprises, social entrepreneurs, startups that create changes for society/environment,  and individuals who aim to create social/environmental impacts, etc.

** 'Pro-bono' is a form of voluntary professional work given to those who are unable to afford them. The receivers of the service are those who aim for the public good, not for shareholder profit.


People of Social Service



Volunteer Designers

I am a 'Person of Social Service'.

I need help from a designer.

I am a 'Volunteer Designer'.

I am interested in social services.

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