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Play to Love More: Multimode

We usually change toys according to child ages, but is it possible to make a toy that can be played worthwhile and deliver good results for a variety of ages for children?

Project title: Multimode

Designed by: SolidSprout

This design of ours needs to solve the problem of toy production, which makes the toy to be used in too short in time. Each stages of the children needs different toys, so toys are usually used for only a few months; and some pieces may last only a few weeks before becoming 'garbage'.

Is it better if the toys can be adjusted to suit the development of children in each age group? We therefore started by studying the behaviors and needs of children from birth to maturity that each age until we came up with the work called 'Multimode' which can be played from birth to toddlers to teenage.

Designed to encourage loving.

Many people may remember their favorite toys when they are children. That is because toys are both for entertainment and being friends at the same time.

10-20 years ago, toys were created from natural materials such as leaves, twigs, seeds, banana stalks, banana leaves, bamboo, flowers and soil. After finished playing, they can be discarded to return to the land without leaving a burden for the earth.

Today, when people live away from nature, toy production changed to be made from more durable materials. There are various styles and colors. Technologies help making toys more complex and has a greater role in promoting child development. However, when the child had grown pass the age of playing that toy, the result is a lot of toy garbage.

Multimode is an attempt to make toys able to be used to enhance development according to the age range of children without having to buy new ones. We found that spending more time with toys helps children feel more bonded and loved. This feeling becomes the basis of showing love for various things later in their lives. Accordingly, this design is our intention to make toys that help building a good society by incubating the great humane spirit from a young age.

With a familiar look and feel, children and adults can start playing without feeling alienated. The simplicity in the work also makes the toy reveal the basis of the materials and become easy to apply to create a variety of learning. The toy become the core that supports any stories that children and adults want to work on without abandoning the elements that promote sensory and motor skills Including vision, touch, hearing, listening, analytical thinking and planning.

SolidSprout Co., Ltd.

Design for Social Impacts

We use designs to help organizations and people reduce their negative footprints while creating positive social impacts.


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