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Oral Care Products


We foster positive impacts.


It's the skin that keeps you from the world, and it's also through the skin that everyone is connected. Protection isn't the only quality that we work on. It's also the intentions deep inside the products that we care, so be at peace because, with us, they'll speak with finest hearts.


Whether it's the old photo brush-ups or the creation of drawings and vectors, any request will be fulfilled with our experienced professionals. You can rest assured since every theme; big or small; simply minimal or amazingly complex, will never fail to be executed.


Straight-to-the-point and honest, our media design team will bring your message straight to your target. With sophisticated levels of creativity, your print ads, online banners (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line, etc.), brochures, booklets, and exhibitions will rock the viewers and live the lives of their own.


Branding, Rebranding, Corporate Identity (CI), and Customer Experience (CX)From logos to the intricate brand elements, we believe that every little thing has its amazing stories awaiting to be discovered. That's why we dig into the flesh and bones of the brand and make them shine for the world to recognize.


It is how functions and aesthetics blend together. Our designers are keen on creating design concepts dealing with new tools and innovations. With the understandings in Sciences and Arts, our multi-disciplinary design team works seamlessly and is ready to make changes.


How We Work

"Live Your Thought"

Any journey begins with the first steps.

Possibilities & Design Statement

True success begins with a clear vision. With comprehensive research, we dive into your passion and make it serve the society. We put this process at our first priority, and with the philosophy 'Live Your Thought', every idea of yours will never go to waste.

Participatory Design Process

With the 'Participatory Design Process', we take your comments and ideas seriously and let them sparkle in the playground. We balance the importance of process and product, so you can learn about the society on the issues/designs being solved/created.

Quality Works for Better Societies

Greater than the pleasure is the changes we make together on the societies. Nothing can make our day better than the people's smiling hearts. We do our best to meet the pinnacle of the expectation and to create better societies for everyone.




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We are the new vibes of disruptive designers who believe that good design can change the societies and flourish happiness. Our physicalities are in Bangkok and Chiangmai (Thailand), but our designs are satisfied worldwide. (Our head office is in Chiangmai, and our big teams are in Bangkok.) We are open to making appointments anywhere in Bangkok or online, so we can discuss and create a new horizon of possibilities together.


Meanwhile, just follow us and be friends. We can have a lot of things to share.

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