อ อ ก แ บ บ เ พื่ อ ส ร้ า ง ส ร ร ค์ สั ง ค ม


Social Impact

The changes and consequences in the community as a result of an ongoing activity or past activity.



People of Social Service


Volunteer Designers

Design Process & Social Impacts

From problem statement to resolution; the design process begins with what needs to be solved or to be improved. Followed by research and collection of data,  the root of the problem is revealed. Then creativity would connect what seems to be unrelated, into a set of surprising choices that's beyond past limitations.

Root Cause Analysis

Problem Statement

Data Collection


Choice Regeneration


Become the Better One

The society may never change if each of us stay the same. Be part of the change by acknowledging your own strength and expand your skills (and organization) with our learning processes.

Design as

Problem Solving

The purpose of design is not limited to aesthetics. On the other hand, it manages resource and acknowledges the uncorrected issues. The key strength of design is that it learns from past experiences.

Let's be inspired !

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